Fractured Prune is back.

The closure of Fractured Prune Doughnuts at 4090 East Mississippi Avenue last year left a hole in the hearts of many Denver doughnut lovers, but the Maryland-based company didn’t stay away from Colorado for long. A new franchise owner, Mark Rothermel, has reopened Fractured Prune at a new location, 9696A East Arapahoe Road in Greenwood Village.

The premise is still the same: Cake-style doughnuts are fried to order and topped with a selection of glazes and sprinkles. Customers can select from about a dozen topping combos, or they can choose their own. "One thing we’re doing different is we’re simplifying the menu with customer favorites," Rothermel notes.

His shop will also rotate in seasonal specials and will offer by-the-box pricing for two, six or twelve doughnuts. And for those who have trouble making up their minds, there will be a package of a dozen doughnuts with a pre-set variety of bestsellers. They’ll still be made fresh, but this package will save customers time in line and at the counter.

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